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Best DHGate Hair Vendors
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Are you in your ’50s, and you want to have thick hair that is sleek, shiny, and full of volume? Don’t you wish to go back in time, more than twenty years ago, and bring back your perfect hair? Don’t worry, there is a solution to this, and it comes in the form of good quality hair. DHGate hair sellers are here to solve your hair-related issues!

We tried out many different brands of hair products and found that DHGate had some of the best hair vendors with cheap prices and high quality. It has Chinese sellers who sell some of the best hair wigs. You’ll love these brands because they’re affordable and don’t compromise on quality.

You may be wondering which shops are the best for hair. We researched and found these stores based on the following key parameters: price, quality, variety, and, most importantly, customer service. You’re about to learn more about these vendors.


Overview of Top DHGate Hair Vendor

Store NameBest ForStore Link
Ishowhair1Brazilian & Peruvian HairClick Here
YiruhairIndian HairClick Here
Queenloveno1Malaysian HairClick Here
SufayaRemy HairClick Here
WoodfestivalSynthetic HairClick Here
Best BeautyPeruvian & Kinky Curly HairClick Here
Galli HairCurly & Deep Wave HairClick Here
PookieLace WigsClick Here
Real Remy StoreReal Remy HairClick Here
Julienchina BellaHair Bundle
Click Here
Aishair & Beauty StoreHair weaveClick Here
Variety QueenBraided wigsClick Here

Top 12 DHGate Vendors

This guide is for all hair lovers who want to buy authentic hair at low prices. So, if you are having trust issues – we have solved this problem by doing some research and finding the best ones for you.

We have reviewed the top 13 hair vendors for your convenience to help you choose the best product out on the market.

1. Ishowhair1

  • Store Opening Year: 2017
  • Total Transactions: 6500+
  • Positive Feedback: 98.4%


Ishowhair1 is the store for you if you’re shopping for quality natural human hair You will find the best Brazilian and Peruvian Hair on Ishowhair1. You may envy Brazilian women for their seemingly perfect and luscious tresses that are nothing but voluminous. Well, now you can enjoy this type of hair on yourself.

The store sweetens the deal by offering customers deep discounts if they redeem coupons. Customers can also look forward to free shipping. They guarantee to ship the products within 3-5 days of placing the order.

So, if you’re looking for real human hair that’s soft, flowy, and voluminous, you’ll fall in love with this store. The lace caps fit women’s heads perfectly, and they’re an excellent solution for women dealing with the issue of hair that’s either thinning or falling out.

2. Yiruhair

  • Store Opening Year: 2018
  • Total Transactions: 3700+
  • Positive Feedback: 98.2%

Yiruhair - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

Yiruhair is one of the best vendors if you’re shopping for real Indian hair. It sells all types of Indian hair bundles with 4×4 lace closure. What makes this store popular on DHGate is that it also sells many hair products. Ombre colour bundles happen to be one of them.

You know that women the world over envy Indian women for their thick, rich, and dark-coloured hair. If you’re of European descent and you’ve always yearned to have this type of real human hairyou’re in luck!

You’ll love the fact that this store ships to many countries worldwide. Also, many customers loved the fact that their products were reasonably priced and therefore affordable.

The store’s management claims to offer customers a quality and memorable shopping experience. It may be new, but it has high customer feedback.

What customers loved the most about the brands was the fact that it was high-quality real human hairThey also raved about the fact that the hair was natural and made them look young, fresh, and beautiful again regardless of hair type or ethnicity. In fact, most non-Indian women felt that the brand suited them well.

3. Queenloveno1

  • Store Opening Year: 2014
  • Total Transactions: 4000+
  • Positive Feedback: 99.5%

Queenloveno1 - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

If you’ve ever flown on Malaysian airlines, you may have noticed and envied the flight attendants’ beautiful and thick hair. Indeed, Malaysian real human hair tends to have a lot of bounce, volume, and flow. It is also very long, soft to the touch, and natural shine. Queensloveno1 offers the best Malaysian hair

This store’s claim to fame lies in quality real human hair extensions, Remy’s hair weaves, full lace wigs, lace closures, and more! Queenloveno1 offers shipping to many countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Italy, and Australia.

The store will take care of duty. It also offers credit for small retailers. This store recently celebrated its 8th birthday, so the store has a long history of satisfied customers.

The store has earned positive feedback from customers from around the World. Also, the majority of customers were satisfied with its brands. The store earned the highest rating for brand quality, customer service, fast shipping time, and reasonable shipping charges.

4. Sufaya

  • Store Opening Year: 2014
  • Total Transactions: 1000+
  • Positive Feedback: 100%

Sufaya Best Dhgate Hair Seller

Yes, Sufaya sells natural human hair in the form of quality Remy hair. That said, the store’s product offerings don’t end there. It’s known for its high-end virgin natural black human hair. Some of the other items in its inventory include hair extensions, hair weft weaves, and clip-in wigs.

Customers love both the shop and its many brands because they gave it positive feedback of 100%The majority of customers loved the store for its products. Customers are satisfied with customer service, shipping times, and shipping charges.

Some of the store’s brands include the Brazilian human Remy afro wig and the Brazilian human hair weft clip. Customers had good words about these and other products. They felt that it was a great quality product that fit well, looked good, and was easy to install!

5. Woodfestival

  • Store Opening Year: 2015
  • Total Transactions: 800+
  • Positive Feedback: 98.4%

Woodfestival - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

Hearing the word synthetic hair may take you back to the 1960s in America. It was the generation of the hippies and flower children. In any case, many of these young Americans were in love with synthetic hair. As it turns out, this type of hair has become popular once again.

Woodfestival Top Products

  • Hair extension
  • Synthetic wigs
  • Cosplay wigs

Well, Woodfestival sells a variety of products that use artificial hair. These include, but are not limited to, wigs, synthetic wigs, wigs for men and kids, cosplay wigs, and hair extensions. These brands are of exceptionally high quality and look and feel like natural human hair. 

It has a good reputation for offering deep discounts on many of its products. As for customer satisfaction, Woodfestival has received a positive customer rating.

Customers were satisfied in all of the critical areas that characterize good companies. These include product quality, customer service, affordable shipping charges, and expedited shipping.

The customers left glowing reviews. They were delighted with the products and would buy from the store again.

6. Best Beauty

  • Store Opening Year: 2015
  • Total Transactions: 10000+
  • Positive Feedback: 99.4%

Best Beauty - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

Indeed, Best Beauty Hair is the store you want to shop at if you want the best in Peruvian and Kinky Curly Hair. They have an excellent reputation for selling the best in real human hair products. Their many products include hair extensions, hair weaves, Brazilian natural hair, Brazilian natural weaves, natural human hair, and more!

The store earned a high number of customer satisfaction feedback, so customers thought highly of both this store and the brands that it sells. This store is barely six years old. It has already made a name for itself in the global real human hair market.

The statistics and ratings speak to the facts. Customers rated Best Beauty Hair Receiving the products described on the website, customer service, reasonable shipping charges, and reasonable shipping times.

Most customers had good things to say about this store’s brands. They said that the products were beautiful and looked like the images and descriptions on the website indicated. The customers were also delighted with the speedy shipping times.

Best Beauty Hair can sell the best real hair in the industry because it implements a strict quality control process when processing virgin human hair. The customer only receives what she deserves – the best in virgin human hair!

7. Galli Hair

  • Store Opening Year: 2014
  • Total Transactions: 12000+
  • Positive Feedback: 98.5%

Galli Hair - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

So, if you love your natural hair but want to give it a temporary makeover without dealing with the ordeal that is regularly dyeing your hair can cause, you should shop at Galli Hair. They sell among the best quality curly and human in the World.

Suppose you were ever to browse their site. In that case, you’d be astounded by the seemingly endless selection of real human hair with Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, European, and Mongolian hair, to name a few.

It has almost a decade-long history of satisfying customers. Customers also loved Galli Hair for its excellent customer service, affordable and reasonable shipping charges, and fast shipping times. One customer praised the company for shipping her products so quickly that she received them a day after placing her order. Most customers were ‘delighted with their orders.

You’ll love these wigs because they fit comfortably on your head and blend right into your scalp. Nobody can judge that you’re wearing a wig!

8. Pookie

  • Store Opening Year: 2018
  • Total Transactions: 600+
  • Positive Feedback: 95.8%

Pookie - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

If you’re young and want to give your hair a real makeover but can’t afford to go to the hairstylist for regular hair dyeings, don’t fret. Go to Pookie. They sell it all in the area of lace wigs. Their vast selections include but are not limited to Chinese and Brazilian wigs.

This store has built a strong reputation for selling quality, high-end products. Pookie also offers free shipping on all goods. The store earned positive feedback from customers.

They have received excellent customer ratings for great products at affordable prices, customer service, reasonable shipping rates, and reasonable shipping times.

Customers have positive feedback about the products. They were very satisfied. Most customers felt that lace wigs were so natural in design and construction that they easily blended in with their natural hair in terms of look, texture, colour, and consistency.

9. Real Remy Hair

  • Store Opening Year: 2017
  • Total Transactions: 1900+
  • Positive Feedback: 98.1%

Real Remy Hair - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

You’re very familiar with Remy real hair if you’re a hair enthusiast. You should shop here if you have regular cravings for this hair type and want to experiment with different styles.

This store has a great number of positive ratings means customers were satisfied with the products. The store offers all types of Real Remy hair. Their many product offerings include natural brand hair, virgin hair, lace hair, hair extensions, and hair bundles.

Real Remy Hair Top Products

  • Virgin hair
  • Lace hair
  • Hair extension
  • Hair bundles

That said, they have been on Alibaba since 2010. Therefore, they have many years of experience processing quality real human hair and ensuring that it reaches their customers quickly.

Customers rated the store on receiving the products as advertised and described on the site, customer service, and shipping time. They gave the store 4.9 stars for affordable shipping charges.

For the most part, the customers were extremely satisfied with their orders and expressed the desire to order from the store again.

10. Julienchina Bella

  • Store Opening Year: 2011
  • Total Transactions: 14000+
  • Positive Feedback: 99.2%

Julienchina Bella - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

You can’t do better than Julienchina Bella Hair if you’re looking for the best hair weaves. The store was established ago 11 years and currently sells various products, including hair bundles, top lace closures, and ear-to-ear lace frontal closures.

Julienchina Bella Top Products

  • Hair bundles
  • Top lace closures
  • Frontal closures

What sets this store apart is its 7-day return policy – no questions asked. Customers also rated the store highly in receiving the product as advertised, customer service, and shipping charges.

Most customers left good reviews for this store. They were very satisfied. There is a reason for this. The products are of high quality. They’re also high-end and give women various options for dressing their hair up without getting a perm or dyeing it.

11. Aishair & Beauty Store

  • Store Opening Year: 2014
  • Total Transactions: 2500+
  • Positive Feedback: 100%

Aishair & Beauty - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

You’ve been there. You want to have purple highlights in your hair but are hesitant to go to the hair salon. You do have another option, and it’s in the form of real human hair weaves. His hair & Beauty Store sells top-of-the-line hair weaves.

Their product selections extend to Brazilian, Malaysian, and Indian virgin human hair weaves. The company has almost 8 years of experience in selling high-end hair weaves.

Customers were very satisfied with this store, the store ranked high in all major areas of customer satisfaction, including product quality, fast shipping, and reasonable shipping charges. They ranked the store at 4.9 out of 5 stars for fast shipping.

Many of the customers are satisfied with the product. There’s a reason for this. His hair’s hair weaves blend into your natural hair and compliments your scalp. Indeed, no one will know that you’re wearing hair extensions.

12. Fashiongirlha

  • Store Opening Year: 2016
  • Total Transactions: 2900+
  • Positive Feedback: 89.4%

Fashiongirlha - Best Dhgate Hair Seller

Braided hair looks cute, doesn’t it? There’s only one issue – it takes a while to braid hair properly. There’s a solution, and Fashiongirlha offers it in braided wigs. Their strengths lie in fast shipping and superior customer service.

The store was established in November of 2016 and has received amazing feedback from customers in a very short time. Customers gave the store ratings for customer service, product quality and description, shipping charges, and expedited shipping.

For the most part, the customers were highly satisfied with the products. Some even said that the braided wigs were made of beautiful full lace and had a nice texture and colour.

How To Find the Best Dhgate Hair Vendor?

Ah yes, that is the million-dollar question. After all, this online marketplace is home to many stores that sell hair. They all claim to sell quality products, but do they do this in reality? If you’re shopping for hair products online, you want the products to excel in many areas.

Yes, you need to do your homework and thoroughly research these vendors. However, we have compiled a list of some factors that you should be particularly vigilant about.


Yes, you get what you pay for when you shop for hair. It applies to any product you may be shopping for. That said, only buy a brand that has a reasonable price.

Compare that brand’s worth to similar brands and see if you’re getting good value for your money. Make sure that whatever product you buy has a return policy.

Customer Reviews

Customers tend to be truthful about the brands they buy and try out. Of course, you need to do your independent research regarding the quality claims of any hair brand that you want to buy.

Customer reviews can help since most independent reviews online tend to be either positive or neutral.

However, customers tend to share their own experiences with the brands, especially if they are not perfect. If you see a brand that has many good customer reviews posted, it’s a sign that the product lives up to its claims of being of high quality. Therefore, it is worth spending your hard-earned money on it.

Customer Service

The quality of customer service will shape your buying experience. It will play an essential part in influencing your overall perception of a particular brand. You’ll have an excellent experience with a company that pays attention to its customer service.

When analyzing a company’s customer service policy, you want to look for how well they handle customer issues, inquiries, and complaints, their average time to answer these, and more to the customer satisfaction, and the nature of the reviews that customers leave.

It’s not easy to shop for hair products online. After all, many vendors claim to offer quality brands, but the reality may be quite different. This article will serve as a guide as to which stores on DHGate are trustworthy and reliable!

Frequently Asked Questions

DHGate Hair v.s. AliExpress Hair – Which one is perfect for me?

You want to shop at DHGate if you crave quality products and high-end brands from the World’s most respected vendors. DHGate is also better than AliExpress in shipping. Most customers expressed satisfaction at DHGate’s expedited shipping.

Does DHGate have good hair?

Yes, DHGate has a reputation for featuring some of the best vendors for real and synthetic human hair in the world. The variety and selection are also unmatched.

Can you trust DHGate Wigs?

Yes, you can indeed trust DHGate wigs since you’re buying a premium product. Rest assured that DHGate sells products that are authentic and will last for several years! They’re also reasonably priced, shipped quickly, and have a good track record of outstanding customer reviews from satisfied customers.

How long does it take for DHGate to ship my hair wigs?

Some vendors can deliver your products the day you order them. However, most vendors tend to take 3-5 days to ship your orders. Don’t worry, you will receive your orders quickly.

Is a real hair wig better than a synthetic wig?

Yes, whenever possible you should buy a real hair wig. The hair is of better quality. Also, since it’s made from real human hair, you can rest assured that it will last longer, won’t break, get split ends, mold, or warp. You can have all of these issues and more with synthetic hair.


Finding quality real human hair wigs, extensions, and other products can be a daunting task if you’re a novice in this area. You’ll need some guidance regarding the best stores to seek out for top-notch brands.

If you’re looking for Indian hair – Yiruhair might be the perfect store for you. However, if you want Remy hair, Sufaya is an ideal choice. For Peruvian and Kinky Curly Hair, BestBeauty Hair is perfect.

You also will need to know which stores ship quickly and which stores take an eternity to ship. Soon, you’ll look like the real and natural fashion diva that you were born to be!

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