9 Best TwoSun Knives on DHgate – Unlock the Cutting Edge

Best TwoSun Knives on Dhgate
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Are you an enthusiast of camping or hunting, seeking the perfect knife for your outdoor adventures? Look no further, as TwoSun knives could be the ideal addition to your gear.

Among the array of knives suitable for the outdoors, TwoSun knives stand out prominently. These knives are a popular choice among hunters, thanks to their convenient flipper design.

TwoSun knives are renowned for their visually appealing style combined with the efficiency of their flippers, featuring D2 steel blades known for their razor-sharp edge. Their high demand is a testament to their quality and functionality.

In this discussion, we’ll explore the best TwoSun knives available on Dhgate, guiding you to make an informed choice for your next outdoor excursion.

Let’s dive into the details.

What are TwoSun knives?

TwoSun knives is a renowned brand hailing from China, specializing in crafting exceptional everyday cutting tools, particularly folding knives that are not only functional but also stylish.

These knives are designed to be your trusted companions for various cutting tasks, offering a blend of form and function that makes them stand out in the world of cutlery.

What sets TwoSun knives apart is their exceptional sharpness. These blades are precision-crafted to deliver the sharpest edge, ensuring that you can effortlessly tackle a wide range of cutting needs.

Whether you’re slicing through bone, glass, plastic, or ceramics, TwoSun knives are up to the task, making them versatile tools for your daily needs.

Top 9 TwoSun Knives on Dhgate 2023

While Dhgate offers a vast selection of sellers for products like shoes, bags, and watches, the options for TwoSun knives are more limited. However, by carefully evaluating the top-rated TwoSun knife sellers on Dhgate, I was able to compile a list of the 9 highest-quality choices currently available.

Even with the smaller pool to choose from, these sellers offer premier TwoSun knives that stand out as the best on the platform.

1. Twosun Flipper Fast Opens D2 Blade Knives


Reason To Buy

  • Robust and well built.
  • Snaps open quickly.
  • Well lubed.
  • Nice detention.

Reason To Avoid

  • You may find the flipper too tight.
  • The locking mechanism can be improved.

One of the best options you’ll find on Dhgate is TwoSun flipper fast knife. A pocket-friendly and lightweight cutting tool that fulfills all your camping or hunting needs.

It is a folding knife that you can take anywhere you want. When we are out of our homes, we experience many exciting things, such as camping.

For all these adventures, you need a high-quality, lightweight pocket knife. Dhgate offers various types of knives that meet your all camping needs.

It is one of the best knives on Dhgate because customers had excellent experiences hunting and camping with this tool.

Some of the essential features that include are:

  • A clipper for fast opening.
  • EDC tool.
  • D2 steel pocket knife.
  • Double titanium handle.
  • Twosun ts21 model

2. Twosun TS16 G10 Folding Knife


Reason To Buy

  • Stainless steel blade resistance to rusting
  • Lightweight, just weighting 145g
  • The blade can insert of additional tritium tube
  • The handle is textured on both sides
  • Highly economical price range
  • Razor-sharp blade

Reason To Avoid

  • Little heavy after insertion of the tritium tube.

We noticed that the TwoSun TS16 G10 folding knife is an excellent self-defense weapon. It boasts a 45-degree angle on its about 4-inch D2 satin blade, making it one of the most excellent knives for hunting or personal safety.

This knife’s quick-opening flipper opens with the gripping hand, increasing its flexibility. The ball bearing washer mechanism on this knife assists in the smooth movement of the blade, whether it is open or closed.

Because of the beautiful yet distinguishing whitish-grey G10 handle, it’s also incorporated in a pocket knife. This knife features a sturdy clip on the handle that gives you a tight grip when you put it in your pocket. The nuts are securely fastened. We can tighten the nuts with a screw if they become loose due to frequent or complex use.

3. TwoSun Tanto Blade Knife


Reason To Buy

  • Handle material is constructed with TC4 titanium alloy
  • Usable for outdoor hunting
  • The blade thickness adds up the strength, which is 3.5mm
  • Lightweight, just 113g
  • D2 handle is available

Reason To Avoid

  • Handle a little bit small concerning its closing.
  • Non-adjustable

Another pocket knife from the best TwoSun knives collection is here. This folding knife is ideal for outdoor hunting and, sure, it’s a welcome addition to your EDC toolkit.

The whole length is 205 mm, or over 8 inches. For a tool utilized for safety considerations, this handful length is essential. In the folded state, it measures 118mm in size. This knife would work well in a pocket knife collection.

The blade angle of this knife, an American tanto with a length of 3.3 inches, is the most intriguing aspect. It is the most frequent blade angle in the United States. Titanium Alloy is used to make the handle approximately 4 inches long.

It contributes to its toughness. This folding knife’s single-handed functionality is excellent. Furthermore, the kvt steel ball bearings boost the rapid speed of the device, allowing for smooth opening and shutting by hand.

4. TwoSun TS177 Outdoor Folding Pocket Knife

TwoSun TS177 Outdoor Folding Pocket Knife

The M390, with the high quality of Night Morning Design and tepe patterns, is one of the most fabulous TwoSun knives collection masterpieces. Thanks to this design cooperation, the essential grip is provided without sacrificing stability or usefulness.

The blade is securely held in this folder. This folder features embossed titanium scales that give a secure grip on the handle.

The frame lock, a real-time capability for personal safety, is another fantastic feature of this folder.

The stainless steel lock bar is inserted into this frame lock. A 3D-manufactured titanium clip with a ceramic ball is another fascinating element for securing this pocket knife in a person’s pocket. The back-spacer of the TC4 is composed of titanium. The blade has a clip-point form.

5. TwoSun Folder Knife TS162-Linen

TwoSun Folder Knife TS162-Linen

This knife features a linen Micarta handle with a one-of-a-kind pattern. This handle material is strong enough to withstand the stress applied during hunting or other everyday use. For solid mobility during tactical warfare, the pocket knife requires considerable power.

That’s why this knife was designed specifically for personal security. As a result, the flipper knife opens like a blinking eye. This folder knife’s versatility elevates its game. The folding blade functions similarly to a braze. The blade is made of D2 stainless steel, which is noted for its durability.

The blade’s hardness ranges from 56 to 58 HRC, depending on the application. In the event of rough use, a material’s hardness level provides accurate information about its physical strength.

The pocket knife’s physical characteristics are also visible. According to the criterion of a handy knife, the total length is 8.7 inches.

6. TwoSun Snakewood Pocket Folding Knife TS252-Damascus:

Reason To Buy

  • Highly light weighted
  • Catchy pattern style of handle
  • Stylish yet decent
  • Sharp blade up to the mark
  • Foldable blade

Reason To Avoid

  • No pocket clip is found

The TwoSun knife with Snakewood handle is not only beautifully carved and expertly manufactured. It is also pleasant to grip and use. Made of one-of-a-kind materials, each Twosun Knife has its individuality; no two pieces are the same.

The snakewood material handle is chosen to meet the high-quality criteria that have been established. In addition to its beauty, Damascus steel is valued for its ability to retain a sharp edge while being robust and flexible.

Damascus steel weaponry outperforms iron weapons by orders of magnitude. As a result, the Damascus steel blade of the TwoSun knife is quite precious, with a stunning design of Damascus steel that is distinguished by its watery or wavy brilliant and dark pattern.

Apart from all the above distinctive features, the knife has the following qualities also:

  • The overall length of the knife is 162 mm
  • Blade thickness is 2.5 mm as required for hunting. The hardness of the blade steel is 56 to 58 HRC.
  • Weight is just 82 grams.

7. TwoSun EDC 14C28N Folding Knife TS267-CF

TwoSun EDC 14C28N Folding Knife TS267-CF

Reason To Buy

  • Durable pocket knife due to 14C28N chromium steel blade
  • Lightweight due to carbon fiber handle
  • Pocket clip available

Reason To Avoid

  • You may find flipper motion fast

TwoSun is a Chinese brand well known for its beautiful knife collection. When we went through it, we found this amazingly designed pocket knife. The exciting thing is the overall look, which is immensely modernized. The shade of the handle just raised the game. Handle constructed with carbon fiber and TC4 titanium alloy.

It’s exceedingly light, but it’s also quite tricky. Carbon fiber is a strong material for making high-end knife handles since it is one of the most challenging artificial things accessible.

Carbon fiber handles are trendy due to their aesthetic aspects. The strands reflect light and give these TwoSun foldable knives a unique, artistic appearance. The knife’s handle is strong enough due to its carbon fiber and TC4 material.

The knife possesses the following characteristics:

  • blade length is 84 mm quite fit for use in EDC tools
  • overall length is 194mm, just like a handy knife
  • foldable blade with proper flipper
  • hardness score of the edge is 56 to 58 HRC, just like a high-end knife

8. TwoSun TS277 Folding Knife

TwoSun TS277 Folding Knife 

Reason To Buy

  • Pocket clip found
  • Perfect detent
  • Fast flipper

Reason To Avoid

  • The blade is less shiny due to the stonewashed finishing.

Those who are looking for a knife with a rugged and easy-grip handle and a large blade for camping or hunting indeed find this TwoSun camping knife just perfect for camping. As camping knives have large blades designed for outdoor use.

The knife’s blade is tough enough to stand up to a variety of tasks like chopping firewood, cooking, everyday cutting needs, and building shelters.

Excitingly, we found the fantastic feature of the spindle having a ball bearing for fast opening of the flipper. The flipper allows you to open the knife just with the moment of the gripping hand. A ball-bearing pivot holds the blade in the handle and a strong detent.

The reduced friction and weight of the blade drive the blade open, overcoming the detent.

However, we found the following diverse qualities in the knife:

  • The blade material is of 14C28N chromium steel
  • G10 handle is available
  • The overall length is 211mm
  • Blade length is 92 mm
  • The total weight of the knife is 128g

9. TwoSun Survival Pocket Folding Knife

TwoSun Survival Pocket Folding Knife

Reason To Buy

  • Light-weighted
  • Handy pocket knife
  • Durable
  • The button lock mechanism gives extra safety from accidental opening

Reason To Avoid

  • Pocket clip not found

The TwosSun knife was created with Savage Bastard Bladeworks and Rattle Snake Designs. It is a high-quality folding knife Suitable for everyday carry lineup with multi-function capabilities.

The solid titanium  BackSpacer, which is sandwiched between the handles and kept in place by the back pin and screw, offers precisely the appropriate amount of space to give this knife a precise grip.

When we looked at the blade’s lock system, we discovered high-end button locks (also known as plunge locks). The lockup is released when you press the button, and spring tension takes over.

Lockup in both the open and closed positions is accomplished using an internal plunger mechanism. The handle is beautifully designed, having holes for better finger grip and titanium scales for hand grip.

The specifications of the TwoSun knife are here:

  • The blade material is Stonewashed Sandvik 14C28N steel
  • Scales on the handle are of titanium alloy
  • The overall length is 25 inches
  • The blade thickness is 3.7mm with a length of fewer than 2 inches

How to Find the Best TwoSun Knives Sellers on Dhgate

Dhgate is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. It is a similar website to Aliexpress. Like any other online platform, it isn’t easy to find the best sellers on Dhgate.

People see a few customers and get disappointed with the collection. We will tell you a few tips here. After those tips, you’ll be able to find the best TwoSun knives sellers on Dhgate.

Check the shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery are the most important things to consider before ordering anything online.

On Dhgate, you have an option to track your order. But you can also check the customer reviews. More satisfied customers and positive feedback mean the shipping and delivery are on time.

Read Customer Reviews

When you shop online, previous customers’ reviews matter the most. The maximum positive ratings mean the seller is selling quality products.

You can check the favorable ratings of the best TwoSun knives sellers on Dhgate and select the seller.

Return/Refund, Money-back Guarantee

Another thing to consider is the refund policy of any online store. A money-back guarantee will assure you that you can take your money back if you change your mind or don’t like the product after buying.


We’ve looked at the 9 best TwoSun knives on Dhgate, and I hope this guide and reviews helped you learn about them.

If you’re still not sure which one to pick, why not try one out? Using a TwoSun knife yourself can really show you how good they are. Give it a try – you’ll probably like it!


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